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Chapter Recruitment Content – By School Domain

Here at the College of Charleston, we encourage you to Go Greek! Greek life involvement is a fantastic and enriching way to connect with women of similar interests and start a growing network for your time in Charleston that often extends beyond your years at the College. The members of Greek Life and your sorority become family. These women you surround yourself with will be who you can lean on while experiencing finding your way in College for the first time. Each member is involved in another club or activity on our campus. Joining Greek Life is a great way to discover what you may want to be a part of at school. From the Cougarettes dance team to the Honors College and even to our tour guide association, there is something for everyone, and we pride ourselves in being a unique and diverse group of talented women. We hope to see your smiling faces during Primary or COR Recruitment!

More information on the 2023 recruitment process from the College of Charleston’s Panhellenic Association is provided below.

“Values-based recruitment allows for chapter members and Potential New Members (PNMs) to make connections and build relationships, discover shared interests and values, display high standards held by all NPC member organizations, provide PNMs with an opportunity to make informed decisions through an open, fair, and unbiased experience, and ensure the future of all chapters. The College of Charleston Panhellenic Association Primary Recruitment process will happen Thursday, August 17 to Sunday, August 27, 2023. All eight chapters will participate in the Primary Recruitment process. Early Move-In for participants is Wednesday, August 16, 2023. **Please note that no exceptions will be made if a PNM has not completed registration before the closure of primary recruitment registration and will be unable to participate in the primary recruitment process. ** Please take a moment to read through this post carefully, then head to our website (–sorority-life/interested-in-joining/panhellenic-sorority-recruitment/index.php) for more information! We are so excited to meet your class of 24!! Stay tuned for more updates on registration opening & closing.”